The “Armor Bank” and “” trademark rights were established by World Domination Holdings LLC in 2013. They were first used in commerce under license the same year. The trademarks were used throughout the United States and international territories. They are protected under common law trademark rights. The United States is a “First to use”, not “First to file”, jurisdiction.

World Domination Holdings LLC rights supersede all other persons and entities, including Big Creek Bancshares, Inc. of Moro, Arkansas. Big Creek Bancshares, Inc. filed a for an “ARMOR BANK” trademark on October 14, 2016 which is more than two and half years after World Domination Holdings LLC’s first use and first use in commerce of the trademarks. According to their filing- Big Creek Bancshares, Inc. lists “20170413” as first use and first use in commerce. This is more than three years after World Domination Holdings LLC’s first use and first use in commerce.

WHOIS search results for ARMORBANK.COM showing use of the Armor Bank trademark

This screenshot from the GoDaddy WHOIS clearly shows the creation date of ARMORBANK.COM on “2013-11-19”.

In addition to ARMORBANK.COM, World Domination Holdings LLC secured ARMORBANK.ORG to protect its trademark. These are the two most popular top-level domains worldwide, according to Statista.

Business operations were engaged through this website address ( on May 16th, 2014. A screenshot of the website home page, as recorded in the Internet Archive, is shown to the right. The website possibly had operations before this date, however this is earliest documentation in the archive.

Screenshot of an archived Armor Bank web page showing use of the trademark

Substantial amounts of additional documentation exist for World Domination Holdings LLC “First to use” claim to the “Armor Bank” and “” trademarks.